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🤖 Less than one-shot learning / Pornographic deep fakes on Telegram / COVID-19 AI diagnosis

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Artificial Intelligence Weekly
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This week: A new technique for AI to learn with practically no data, pornographic deep fake ecosystem discovered on Telegram, and COVID-19 AI diagnosis using only cough recordings.
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A radical new technique lets AI learn with practically no data | MIT Technology Review
AI to help world’s first removal of space debris | The Next Web
Pornographic “Deepfake Ecosystem” on Telegram Uncovered by Sensity | Morning Brew
Google AI Tech Will Be Used for Virtual Border Wall, CBP Contract Shows | The Intercept
Research: COVID-19 Artificial Intelligence Diagnosis using only Cough Recordings | IEEE Journals
From the Blogosphere: How I used GPT-3 to hit Hacker News front page 5 times in 3 weeks
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